Working mum on the run: ‘Billy Ocean, I’ve joined the circus’

Working mum on the run: ‘Billy Ocean, I’ve joined the circus’

I’m a thirtysomething (woops how did that happen?) married working mother of two (again woops or possibly: wow, how did that happen?).  Living and working locally in Dalgety Bay I simply love it here!  I hope to share the trial and tribulations that make my imperfect existence simply delightful!

Well who would have guessed the year is just flying by, does not seem like May already! No sign of the Spring so who knows if we will ever see the Summer!?

The last few months have proved challenging to say the least, we are talking blood, sweat and tears.  A real evaluation of where I am personally – married, two kids – no dog yet – and where I am in my working life. I am proud to be a Dalgety Bay mum and having seen the worst possible outcomes of events over the last few months I can fiercely defend the network of mums that exist in the Bay.

In the words of Billy Ocean “When the going gets tough the tough get going”.  It would be silly of me to presume that Dalgety Bay is the only town that has this breed of mothers who rally around in support of others when times really do get tough, when pulling back those curtains in the morning really sheds no light into that dark place you have come to find yourself in need of saving from.  No I can honestly say I stand tall and proud to be part of a community that does care.

There is certainly no dress rehearsal for life or being a mum and today what I say to my kids may 360 for tomorrows events, and one thing I know will remain the same, my seven year olds memory and honesty  when she tells me “but mum that’s not what you said yesterday!”

I want my kids to understand that to do what you are happy doing is a gift that not all of us have the courage to choose.  Today I have chosen that gift and have found the courage… understanding bank manager and husband helps……to do what I want to do……can you feel the anticipation building…..drum roll please……I have joined the circus!….Okay not entirely true, but very close. I have become self-employed.   The flexibility all us mums look for in the work place sometimes does not exist due to the nature of the business, the size of the business or simply because it doesn’t!

I want to drop my kids off at school and I want to be able to pick them up, but it has never been a real option for me in the roles I have found myself working in.  Many mums will read this and think the same: the juggling you have to do to maintain that work-life-balance is circus approved!

Work-life-balance, I am not even sure it exists, but one thing I do know I am happier making the decisions myself as to what that really means and where I place the most importance in my life.

Questioned about my age recently I found myself doing, as most of us do, lying! Not because I wanted to be younger, but because I genuinely did not know.  Age is just a number! I am surrounded by woman who are older than me, but look younger.  I stress over the slightest thing – the wrinkles prove that and why do I stress, because that is me.  I am a mum I worry and I stress.  Now I just have to figure out if self-employment is more of a worry or stress than not being at the school gate to pick up my pumpkins!

* Kay Smith (not her real name) is a busy, working mum living in Dalgety Bay.

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