Video: Bay property market retaining its attraction

Video: Bay property market retaining its attraction
Gary Scott of Dalgety Bay's Regents Estate Agents

The property market in Dalgety Bay seems to be holding its own, according to one of the town’s estate agents.

Against a backdrop of UK-wide gloom, some properties in the Bay more than others are holding their value as much as can be expected; and interest on the local market has been maintained in general, although the volume of properties coming up for sale has decreased.

Gary Scott, sales director at Regents Estate Agents based in the town, told DalgetyBayToday: “Because we have a limited amount of new build and Barrat our houses tend to hold their prices. The conflict comes however that Dalgety Bay grew from the tiny village of Dalgety so we have buyers coming from Fife, from Glasgow from Edinburgh and from England.  And depending on their ethos that’s when we have this interesting contradiction in prices and offers that come in.”

He said the property firm would highlight to buyers the wealth the are had in terms of excellent school, safety and a great sense of community.

Mr Scott also described the fall in house prices and how it affected some houses more than others, saying now was the time to move up the property ladder to make the most of the price dip.  Homes previously valued during the property boom at, for example, £400,000 could now be valued at £350,000 meaning those sellers just weren’t selling as they were waiting for the value to rise again.  Conversely, properties previously valued at, for example, £130,000 could now be valued at £120,000. He said it was a better deal to make the most of the fall at this time and move up the ladder and get a larger net gain.

He said: “When I compare my figures to last year we have sold less, and there is less come on the market.  And I find it terribly interesting that people in 2007 that said to me ‘Gary I want to get into Sealstrand, The Bridges, St Colme’ – all the good addresses within Dalgety Bay – couldn’t because I had cavalry charge of people offering 15 and 20 per cent above the asking.  Now is their chance to get in there, but they won’t do it.”

Estate agency Your Move was invited to be interviewed for this report but was not available to do so as this story was published.


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