Songsmith Calum Pearce hoping for success with debut single

Songsmith Calum Pearce hoping for success with debut single

An Aberdour songsmith is releasing a long-awaited debut single and is hoping to achieve success in the music industry.

Calum Pearce, a student at the University of Manchester, has recorded his single at the same studios in Blantyre where Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand created their acclaimed second album.

Calum’s debut song is a self-confessed “political” track filled with guitars and is based on the rejection of nuclear weapons.

With the expertise of ex-Delgados drummer Paul Savage in the studio, Calum has clearly realised his potential with this bombastic new track and it looks like the young Fifer could be on to something really special.

Calum says on his blog: “‘Missiles’ was the first political song I ever wrote in about January 2015 after visiting my Grandparents at Christmas time.

“I found it strange that even as a proudly political member of society, always willing to have a debate (even when perhaps I shouldn’t), I couldn’t bring myself to disagree with their attitudes to nuclear weapons. Hopefully I’ve handled the subject sensitively enough but more importantly, hopefully, you now know how I feel.”

He continues: “Anyway, with the politics out of the way, we can talk about the music! The song came together very quickly which I think is a very good sign that you’ve got a good one.”

Some of Calum’s music can be found on Soundcloud, listen below.

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