New report from agency says radiation ‘low health risk’

New report from agency says radiation ‘low health risk’


Teams are digging trenches to test the extent of the contamination

As the Ministry of Defence contractors work on Dalgety Bay’s beach area to test the extent of low-level radioactive contamination, a health expert has said there is only a low health risk to the public.

A new report was published today by the Health Protection Agency in which it states it was likely the risks to those using the beach have been over-estimated.  The agency also underlined the need for action and resolution to the particles present on the beach area.

Dr John Cooper, director of the Health Protection Agency’s centre for radiation, chemical and environmental hazards, said: “Our view as explained in this new report is that although the risks to public health from radioactive objects on the beach are low, momentum must be maintained to resolve the problems at Dalgety Bay.

“We also belive that every effort needs to be made to work towards a timely agreement on the long term management strategy for this situation for the benefit of all those involved.”

Recently, a law firm specialising in compensation claims set up a telephone claim hotline for residents affected by the radiation finds on the beach.

This 20-second  video clip from 29 October2012 shows contractors drilling holes for testing:



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