Gail Milne’s Food in Fife: ‘a celebration of taste and an 80s era tribute…’

Gail Milne’s Food in Fife: ‘a celebration of taste and an 80s era tribute…’

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Food review by Gail Milne: The Clubhouse, Harbour Drive, Dalgety Bay, Fife.

It’s not often mum gets a treat, even when it’s her birthday.

A forgotten date in the calendar usually, and it was, yet again.   However, it did not go without its special, secret treat, albeit accidentally.

Taking a last-minute decision to eat out on a clammy, hot evening (when I declared ‘I will NOT be cooking tonight’), we ended up at The Clubhouse in Dalgety Bay.  Seemingly, judging by the full tables and vibrant atmosphere, a lot of other like-minded folk had the same idea.  Apparently around the 6 o’clock mark, the phone had been ringing off the hook for bookings.

The Clubhouse takes the immaculate decision of changing its menu frequently and doesn’t simply sit on its laurels month after month offering the same fayre.

‘People come here specifically for the Buffalo pie’, the staff said, so there was one order for that (£12.95) and another for lamb shank (£13.95), and two chicken burgers.

It’s busy tonight, I observed.  ‘Perhaps people are celebrating birthdays,’ I hinted loudly.

Over their heads the subtle reminder went. Bless them.

And here’s where my special birthday surprise made its entry.

Recently appearing on the dessert menu – Chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, banana, mini marshmallows and a chocolate brownie.

Well, having reached a 45-year landmark, I found myself rather appreciative of a retro-style fondue.

What a celebration of taste and an 80s era tribute in equal amounts: the chocolate (the chef let us in on his secret) is dark but mixed with a touch of single cream.  Oh, the light fresh fruit, dipped and blanketed in hot, creamy chocolate was delightful. The secret highlight of my birthday – and it was only £5.95 for two to share. They were so good I neglected to take a photograph of the fondue desserts until they were nearly finished, by which time the plates looked a bit messy (well, you put children, chocolate, ‘sharing’ and a naked flame together…)

The End. Or was it….

Later, when we returned home, the angels presented me with my birthday present 🙂



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