‘Critical time’ as Save Spencerfield campaigners pledge to fight Taylor Wimpey

‘Critical time’ as Save Spencerfield campaigners pledge to fight Taylor Wimpey

A residents’ campaign group formed in Inverkeithing is pledging to fight the proposed development of 450 houses planned on agricultural land between Dalgety Bay and Inverkeithing.

The land gap separates the two villages and the campaign group fear it has not been publicised widely enough to ensure all affected locals know what is about to happen, and how they can object.

The action group has now issued a plea to Dalgety Bay residents to make sure they are aware of the implications of the plan and how it could affect both villages.

Paul Beades, a member of the Save Spencerfield campaign team, said: “We aim to inform as many affected people as possible and give them all the facts and information they need in order to object if they want to.  The key points and a step-by-step guide can be found on our SaveSpencerfield.org website.”

There were recent public consultations carried out at events at Inverkeithing High School which were well attended by members of the local community.

However Mr Beades points out: “The reports published on the back of the these consultations skip over most of the valid objections.  Furthermore, the results of the residents’ survey were not published which we therefore assume did not support the development. and we are therefore collecting our own survey results to guage local opinion.

“Now that Taylor Wimpey have lodged their plans with Fife Council, residents only have until the 7th February to contest the plan, and not many people are aware of that.  It’s really important that everyone sends their written objections as it is this that can influence the outcome.”

Meanwhile, the Save Spencerfield campaign will see posters and a survey being distributed around Inverkeithing by the campaigners to ensure as many residents as possible are made aware of the development in the pipeline.

A comment from Taylor Wimpey has been sought and is awaited.

Visit: www.savespencerfield.org and also on Facebook.

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