Bay ‘starved of council investment’ blasts councillor who highlights ‘secret’ study

Bay ‘starved of council investment’ blasts councillor who highlights ‘secret’ study

A Dalgety Bay councillor has launched a hard-hitting attack on the council administration saying he has uncovered an attempt to “short-change” the Bay over community funding figures.

Long-standing councillor for the area, Dave Dempsey, said he has questions over a budget plan for capital projects put together by the ruling Fife Council Labour administration.

Cllr Dempsey claims the cash awarded by the Scottish Government for projects in the Fife area included Dalgety Bay Sports Annex or Community Centre in a list of those projects that were apparently to benefit within the region.

But the councillor has claimed that no funding was ever initially attached to the Bay’s leisure centres until recently,  after he queried the gaping omission.

Cllr Dempsey said: “In a late addition to their budget, the ruling Labour Group used some of the extra cash from Holyrood to generate funds for new capital projects. They produced a list that included ‘Dalgety Bay Sports Annex or Community Centre’. Unlike the rest of the list, there was no cash allocation attached.

“Now, a month later, a figure has appeared. It’s £200-250k, in marked contrast to the multi-million new build projects elsewhere in Fife. That won’t pay for a community centre. I now find that it was never intended to.

“The plan that has emerged is to enhance the Sports Centre ‘to accommodate a larger gym, conversion of the existing gym to an aerobic studio and converting the existing vending/viewing area into a spinning studio’. A feasibility study is under way without the knowledge of the local councillors – or at least some of them – let alone the folk who really matter – the public.

“At no point are the public – the folk who pay for all this – consulted.

Mr Dempsey added: “Dalgety Bay deserves better. It’s in the top six biggest towns in Fife but it has been starved of council investment. The Conservative Capital Budget proposal last month kept a total of £47m unallocated to take forward projects like this but the other parties rejected it.

He added: “The folk of Dalgety Bay will understand what that means.”

Comment has been sought from Fife Council.

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